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Lyme Disease

What Lyme disease didn't take away

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FACTS OF LYME Did you know?

Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) is the most complex bacterium known to science. Lyme disease is a very complex illness, not always easy to diagnose or treat. Lyme disease is the most widespread vector-borne disease in the USA and is a major problem worldwide. Ticks know no borders and respect no boundaries. …

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Lyme Disease Natural Remedies

Lyme disease is a complicated infection that is caused by a tick bite from the borrelia burgdorferi species.  Lyme symptoms can start with flu like symptoms, headaches, muscle and joint pain. A “bulls eye” rash may occur at the spot of the tick bite. Over time, the symptoms can continue to …

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Everyone experiences some form of stress regularly, but it can often become a much more serious problem for your body. A stress that is chronic or prolonged can lead to insufficient adrenal gland function. The stressed adrenals can manifest in symptoms such as feeling unwell and fatigued, also known as “adrenal fatigue.” Almost every client I work with …

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Debbie Gibson Is Battling Lyme Disease

When Debbie Gibson flew to Chile for two sold-out shows, she had a great idea: she would share concert photos and videos on her blog, thinking it was the best way to interact with her fans. But the reaction wasn’t exactly what she had hoped. The usually slender Gibson had …

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Don't Get Ticked Off! How to Prevent Lyme Disease

If you’re the outdoorsy type — and I don’t mean sipping cocktails on your patio — chances are you’ve come in contact with a tick or two. Blacklegged ticks, also called deer ticks, are the ones to watch out for since they carry the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium, which causes Lyme …

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